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Innovators need money to turn their visionary ideas into reality. Fundraising services take you through the two most critical periods. Early stage teams are storming and forming, looking for a clear strategy. Pitch preparation aligns them around powerful messages that raise SAFE money and attract talent. Later, that same company with a prototype product and initial customers needs Series A investment. Fundraising services prepare this team to meet investor expectations and maximize valuation.

Pre-valuation fundraising services add structure, discipline and product marketing leadership to the creative discovery of company strategy. Elements include: 1) GAUGE archive, 2) prompted team elicitation, 3) response collation, 4) shared positioning strategy statements, 5) constituent commitment testing, and 6) finished GTM messages. Valuation-round financing demands greater attention to detail that meets the expectations of venture capital investors. It starts with the GAUGE archive and the creation and/or refresh of positioning and messages, and then adds 6) team alignment session(s) and 7) strategy refinement (including development of proof points that support the strategy).

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Your Situation

At every stage of an emerging innovation, innovators and their teams are raising money. Yet, each stage brings a new set of investors with higher expectations. Pre-product innovator teams may be seeking those powerful messages that will attract angel investors, incubators and accelerators who can guide them to valuation financing round. The spunky, rough and tumble product team needs to smooth its edges to meet venture capital expectations for the fit and finish of a company that merits valuation-round financing.

Such critical moments in time are exactly when you want motivated and experienced product marketing leadership on your side. They participate on your team as an expert communicator who can bridge the gap between what you have today and what early stage investors need to hear. They lead the team through structured strategy exercises for team alignment, message clarity and proof point documentation. Respect the fundraising funnel. Only the most disciplined, driven and empathetic of them will survive to see their ideas turned into reality.

Service Value

Experienced Product Marketing Professional leads sessions from experience, building consensus around strategy and positioning statements among a team of high performers.

GAUGE Framework and Intake Process quickly captures team knowledge provides exercises for refinement and improvement.

Strategy Archive holds strategy statements and evidential proof points in a data room for secure sharing.

Time-boxed process respects the time of a busy team as it delivers results.

Team Alignment process exposes both blockers and accelerators to growth.


Fundraising brings in the right amount of money at the right time. That could be winning a contest at a blockchain hackathon, successfully navigating the application to an accelerator, finding the right angel, landing a venture capital firm or pricing on NASDAQ.

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