GAUGE Services

The GAUGE Services Platform applies product marketing leadership within a proven process and framework to align your team around a winning strategy.

The five factor framework extracts key talking points that resonate with your constituents. The process guides your team to a consistent, shared understanding of its strategy. The platform streamlines the process and enables you to improve the strategy over time.

While you are emerging as a value creator, GAUGE Services Offers based on this platform provide efficient and effective marketing execution at critical moments in your company's life.

Used in MarkLaunch Project Services, the platform clearly articulates the value of your new economic entity, providing a unique and robust foundation for delivery of messages through creative agents.

Service Elements

Product Marketing Leadership - A talented and experienced strategic product marketing leader with heightened empathy and diverse experience leads each innovator team into alignment around powerful market-facing messages. Sessions are led from experience, with probing questions designed to draw out elements of business and product strategy. Each situation is different, which is why maturity and experience matters.

Process - Multiple process elements extract, clean and enrich the collective wisdom of the innovator, the team and the constituents who surround them. Methods include free-writing, collation, worksheets, exercises and team brainstorming sessions. It's all documented for self-paced learning, offering the benefits of a virtual business education.

GAUGE Framework - A five factor system for quickly identifying and clarifying key aspects of a successful business strategy gives the platform storytelling power. GAUGE is a mnemonic for market Gap, competitive Advantage, Unique value, Gain model and ability to Execute.

Iterative Strategy Archive - An archived repository of business strategy iteration over multiple funding cycles securely holds the collective wisdom of the team, giving peace of mind that the best possible strategy is in place.

Services Offers - Time-boxed service offers with set prices and deliverables move innovators from concept to customers quickly and cost effectively. Development guides the innovator during the ideation and validation stages. Fundraising drives the team into alignment around its shared strategy when money is on the line. Business Expansion explores all aspects of strategy and interviews a broader set of constituents as it exposes revenue and market share growth opportunities.

Solution Partners - Marketing program projects executed with experienced partners and meticulous planning increases certainty that the company will meet its objectives.

GAUGE Services Offers

If you are still working to achieve product-market fit, efficient and effective fixed-price GAUGE Service Offers specifically help innovators like you at critical stages where control can be lost - building a team around an idea, raising money, and seizing revenue / share expansion opportunities. Apply now and fulfill your vision.


Develop your awesome new product idea into a profitable business.

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Raise investment funds with the collective genius of your core team.

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Business Expansion

Identify and prioritize the initiatives that expand your business.

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