Through MarkLaunch Project Services, TruNorth launches category-defining products and brands for innovators like you. With MarkLaunch you get fractional product marketing services that deliver a rapid, effective and efficient product and/or brand launch.

We help you at two critical moments. When you need to test the market, the time-efficient RapidLaunch service delivers powerful, clear messages for trustworthy results. When you are ready to define a new category, world class partners join the team.


We follow the same three-step process in both MarkLaunch versions - 1) Listen and Learn, 2) Design and Build, and 3) Launch and Grow. The quality of messages and strategy remain the same, despite very different project lengths.

In the RapidLaunch service, you get a super quick 6-12 week timeline with your unique messages quickly expressed through multiple marketing vehicles. (Yes, we use generative artificial intelligence tools to speed up the process.)

In the full MarkLaunch, you get access to an extraordinary bench of world-class marketing and technology talent. Anything you need to carve out your space is available to us, and we can expand your project to fit the need.

Marketing vehicles we use include: 1) brand creative, 2) press and analyst communications, 3) website development (including portals), 4) market research, 5) podcasts / content, 6) events, 7) narrative videos, 8) product and packaging design, and 9) mail campaigns.

If you’re an experienced sales and marketing leader working with exceptional technologists, we’re the partner who gets you, and gets things done. If you’re ready to make your mark, apply now for a free consultation.

Your Vision, Fulfilled

TruNorth helps visionary leaders deliver category defining value in an existing industry, fulfilling your vision. Multiple success stories have come from a great idea or technology packaged and communicated as unique satisfaction of unmet need.

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